Family Law Mediation SA is a private Mediation/FDR firm located in Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Our aim is to assist families reach solutions quickly and in turn, minimise the emotional and financial toll associated with separation.

We can conduct Mediation in a short time-frame, issue Section 60i Certificates when appropriate, and are guided by parties’ preferences as to whether they attend with or without lawyers.


Fiona Besir is the founder and Principal of Family Law Mediation SA.  Fiona’s aim is to help families affected by separation reach solutions without going to Court.

Fiona is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney General’s Department.

Fiona provides Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation) services as well as Lawyer Inclusive Mediation. Fiona can issue Section 60i Certificates.

Fiona brings to Mediation a thorough understanding of the Family Law system and its processes, having been admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2008 and working exclusively in Family Law. Fiona has provided specialised advice on complex property settlements, maintenance, child support, divorce and parenting disputes, having held employment as a Senior Associate for a leading specialist Family Law firm in Western Australia.

Fiona holds a Bachelor degree of Social Sciences, which assists in her understanding of the high emotional issues impacting separating families today.

PETER HEUZENROEDER, Consultant Mediator 

Peter Heuzenroeder, former Registrar of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, has joined Family Law Mediation SA as a Consultant Mediator. 

Peter is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator.  

Peter adds incredible value to our Family Law Mediation services, having presided over Conciliation Conferences, Mediations and Family Dispute Resolution events for the past 30 years.  Peter offers professional, impartial and convenient services to assist in the resolution of all kinds of family law disputes.

All bookings and enquiries for Peter, can be made to Family Law Mediation SA at or 0416 381 232.


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We wish you well in however you decide to achieve your resolution.