t Family Law Mediation SA, we offer the option for participants to attend at Mediation (in both parenting and property disputes) with their respective Lawyers.

Lawyer Inclusive Mediation is still considered Family Dispute Resolution and Section 60i certificates can issue.

Lawyers engage in the process by providing support to their client as well as legal advice concerning the likely outcomes of court proceedings on issues of contention.

Costs and delays associated with legal correspondence exchange can be limited and participants will hear each other’s legal and personal perspectives first hand. It is often best suited for participants’ whose relations are particularly strained, and for those who have property and parenting matters intertwined.

With each participant’s lawyer present, legal settlement documentation can be discussed, negotiated and potentially drawn up on the day. This can be beneficial and aid to achieve a speedy resolution, especially in complex matters.

The actual process of the Lawyer Inclusive Mediation is the same as per our Family Dispute Resolution package.

If you wish to participate in Lawyer Inclusive Mediation, please have your Lawyer contact our office directly to make the necessary initial enquiry on your behalf.

You may attend the initial private session, either with or without your Lawyer.